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Forgotten America

Jan 17, 2023

As the founder of Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys, a public charter school, Jack Johnson Pannell aims to disrupt the status quo in education and design by building an effective model of teaching and learning for boys of color. As an impact social entrepreneur, he is expanding the Collegiate Model through a national network of schools. 
Jack joins Garrett on the podcast to talk about what makes an all boys school so different, and the massive impact that just a firm handshake and a tie can have on these young men. 
On this episode of Forgotten America.
Jack Johnson Pannell
Hosted by Garrett Ballengee 
Executive Director - @gballeng 
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy 
Executive Producer Amanda Kieffer 
Communications Director - @akieffer13 
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy 
Produced & Edited by Tony Reed 
Associate Director of Operations - @treed1134 
International Center for Law & Economics 
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