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Forgotten America

Jan 3, 2023

Charlotte and Kenny Webb have dedicated their work to finding innovative solutions to help formerly incarcerated and recovering individuals gain access to resources and employment opportunities. Through their company, Charleston Property Restoration, they hire “fair-chance” employees and offer practical assistance through their nonprofit organization, Way Makers. 
In this episode, Charlotte and Kenny tell Garrett why they decided to form a nonprofit organization aimed at removing barriers to reentry, how to think about compassion vs consequence, and question the systematic Catch 22 making it more difficult for those on the road to recovery to reach their destination.
Kenny Webb
Charlotte Webb
Director, Way Makers
Hosted by Garrett Ballengee
Executive Director - @gballeng
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy
Executive Producer Amanda Kieffer
Communications Director - @akieffer13 
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy
Produced & Edited by Tony Reed
Associate Director of Operations - @treed1134
International Center for Law & Economics
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