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Forgotten America

Dec 6, 2022

Welcome back to the Forgotten America Podcast!

We are returning from a strategic pause in releasing new episodes in order to build up a robust catalog of episodes and add new content formats to the show. We have a lineup of fantastic guests and we're excited to share those conversations with you.

In this episode, Garrett goes solo as he reflects on the importance of exploring our roots as a way to find meaning and purpose in our lives. He discusses how those who came before us influence who we are today and shares his personal insight on the lessons we can learn from our ancestors. Making a personal connection with our predecessors can lead to a clearer understanding of our roles in today's society and help us know how to have a positive impact on the culture of tomorrow.

So let's take a look inward by taking a look backward, in this episode of Forgotten America.

Hosted by Garrett Ballengee@gballeng
Executive Director
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Executive Producer Amanda Kieffer@akieffer13 
Communications Director
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Produced & Edited by Tony Reed@treed1134
Associate Director of Operations
International Center for Law & Economics