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Forgotten America

Jun 8, 2021

JD Tuccille is a self-proclaimed anarchist living in the desert of Arizona. He is an author for Reason magazine and a novelist. He believes in personal responsibility and loves the freedom of the American Southwest. He joins Garrett to discuss how he came to be in Arizona and why, for him, the deserts of Arizona are the truest manifestation of a freedom philosophy. Garrett & JD also dive into the relationship between libertarianism and rural America, environmentalism & anarchy in fiction, and the joys of canning food. 


You can see pictures and read all about the javelina at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s website


Want to learn more about canning? The University of Georgia can help you out! 


Who is Edward Abbey? 


Who is Hunter S. Thompson? 

Everett Ruess - 


Everett Ruess song by Dave Alvin - 


You can buy Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L’Amour on Amazon. 


High Desert Barbecue can be found on in the Books section. 


City Mice Go Country by J.D. Tuccille can be read at 


One of our Forgotten America podcasts was inspired by J.D.’s article and the flight of urbanites to rural areas during the pandemic. You can listen to it here, and hear Adam’s story of why he left Washington, D.C. for Charleston, WV. 


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